A Markov Chain Approach to the Gerrymandering Problem

The Gerrymandering Problem is a worldwide problem which sets great threat to democracy and justice in district based elections. Thanks to partisan redistricting commissions, district boundaries are often manipulated to benefit incumbents. Since an independent commission is hard to come by, the possibility of impartially generating districts with a computer is explored in this project. We have developed an algorithm to randomly produce legal redistricting schemes for Pennsylvania.
Dou X. "Impartial Redistricting: A Markov Chain Approach to the "Gerrymandering Problem"" , Undergraduate Thesis at School of EECS, Peking University, June 2014.
CMU Co-Advisors: Danny Sleator and Alan Frieze, PKU Assistant Advisor: Junfeng Hu.
Wu C. "Impartial Redistricting: A Markov Chain Approach", Undergraduate Thesis at School of Physics, Peking University, June 2015.
CMU Advisor: Danny Sleator, PKU Assistant Advisor: Kun Xun.



  • Professor Danny Sleator at Computer Science Deparment, CMU, who is interested in Data Structure and Algorithm, invented Splay Tree and is coaching ACM team at CMU...
  • Professor Alan Frieze at Mathmetics Department, CMU, who is interested in Random Algorithm and gave a 45 min talk at ICM 2014(which is regarded as one of highest honor a mathmetician can get).
  • Emeritus Professor David Miller at History Department, CMU, who introduced Jason into the group.

  • Students:

  • Jason Dou , Chief Vacation Officer at Marbella Technology

  • Lucy Chenyun Wu, CS PhD student at Umass, B.S.15 from Peking University
  • Media Coverage:
    "The Great American Gerrymander Machine" by David Miller
    A Short Survey on Gerrymandering Problem:
    Gerrymander Machine by Jason Dou

    Thanks to the following faculty who help us :)

    CMU: Hui Zhang...
    PKU: Wenxin Li, Yao Guo, Junfeng Hu, Ming Zhang, Tian Liu, Fan Ye, Yan Li, Kaigui Bian...

    Thanks to the following students who help us :)

    Zhe Dong, Mingmin Zhao, Jason Li, Liumingjing Xiao, Tongfei Chen...

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